7 May 2016

Progress Shots

There has been a challenge on at the gym that finished last week.  I have been working with my new Personal Trainer, Hamish Young, and these are the results we've achieved together during the last 12 weeks as we've gotten to know each other.

The weight difference in the photos is 10 kilos,

Hamish has been very good for me and finally I'm learning to take control of my own meal planning (previously if it wasn't a 12WBT recipe and on the 12WBT shopping list, I didn't cook it).  I've taken the tools the 12WBT program has given me and I'm starting to transition into creating my own meals.  Taking control of my own food choices.  These meals are healthy, in the correct portion sizes, and are my own creations.  I cook extra stuff for the rest of the family (rice/chips/pasta, etc) and keep my food pretty tight in order to continue my weight loss journey.

We have a new 6 week challenge at the gym, starting Monday, which I've signed up for.  I'll get a body composition scan as part of that challenge and will start working out an achievable and realistic goal weight to work towards.  

I am now back to within a kilo of the lowest I reached on the 12WBT program before moving / renovating / buying / selling, which I am absolutely thrilled with.  Once again my BIO on my blog reads correctly - I am back over 35 kilos lost!  

Whether the goal remains around 15 kilos remains to be seen.  Hamish and I are going to have a discussion about what's realistic and achievable once I have my scan and then it'll be head down with determination until I get there.  

Facing fear and learning to sit with uncomfortable emotions

I just wanted to post an update tonight.  Life has been busy and I have had some incredibly stressful days. HOWEVER I haven't been turning to food for comfort... finally I'm learning to sit with these emotions, including fear, anger or upset, and letting myself experience them.  A big difference from the past.  

I am feeling that I have all the tools now I need to continue on my journey and get to where I want to be.  It's about living life as you want it - and sitting with uncomfortable emotions.  I am learning to grab life with both hands and give it a good shake and being me.  Being the real me.  That means I'm doing things I never would have done in the past, because I would have been too scared to.  I'm facing fear and pushing on to do great things.  Things that represent who I am and what I believe in.

8 Mar 2016

Meal Planning critical to success

I had a very ordinary week last week in the food stakes so on Sunday I had a reset day.

I went through the Pantry and fridge and eliminated any foods that were causing problems.

After the fridge and pantry clean-up I sat down, planned the week's meals and snack options and then went grocery shopping.

The result is that it's Tuesday and I've eaten to plan for 2 days straight with the only effort being I've looked at my meal plan and prepared the actual food.  Everything is there ready to go.

Meal Planning ahead of time and making sure the kitchen contains these foods is one of those things that has to be a priority in order to achieve my weight loss goals.

My personal trainer and I have tweaked my 12WBT meal plans so they are lower carb options for the moment.  Here is my plan for the week:

200 ml Vitasoy coconut milk with 45 g protein powder (the fastest “go to” breakfast that’s working for me mid-week)
egg and /or smoked salmon and/or cottage cheese with dill and onion combo with avocado and spinach leaves (need more time to make and eat)

Lunch:  choice of meats (chicken, hot smoked salmon, or smoked salmon all available options) or eggs with salad veg

Snack options:
½ to 1 apple with 1 slice cheese
125g Plain Greek Yoghurt with handful berries
25 g Roasted Almonds
Celery sticks with peanut butter
Coconut milk with protein powder
Homemade Kale Chips
20g Linseeds

Beef stir fry with broccoli and red capsicum (no rice for me)
Fish and Salad (no chips for me)
Chicken Kebabs with radish salad
Nicoise Salad (minus potato for me)
Chicken and vegetable soup (no noodles for me)
Beef Fajita with Capsicum and Red Onion served with salad greens (minus tortilla wrap for me)
Zucchini and Bacon Slice (contains 20 g carbs per serve)

6 Mar 2016

Strategy for not eating the Chocolate Eggs at work

I walked into work tonight and there on the staff table is a huge bowl of chocolate eggs.  I work at night stacking shelves, and night times are the time when my willpower is weakest.  :(

So, Yes, I had an egg tonight, but didn't truly enjoy the taste after the first mouthful.  [Interesting to note only the first mouthful was enjoyable as I was connecting with childhood memories of Easter at the time.  I also ate the chocolate egg mindfully to notice this interesting fact].

Not sure what's going to be the best strategy to say no to the work eggs this Easter... but here are my thoughts:

I can see the chocolate eggs at work will always be that cheap and nasty sort of chocolate and if I REALLY wanted chocolate I'd be much better off  buying some quality chocolate instead of eating the cheap chocolate easter eggs...

So from this analysis I have the solution and strategy of not bothering with the cheap chocolate eggs at work and allowing myself (if I want) some quality chocolate at my next planned eating time.

  • This means I'm not denying myself chocolate per se, but I'm also postponing the decision of whether I actually will eat chocolate until that impromptu craving has passed.  (At which time I probably won't bother eating the chocolate anyway)
  • I'm also improving the quality of the chocolate I will eat if I do decide to eat it so I will feel better about my choice.  
  • By allowing myself to eat quality chocolate at this time of the year in a planned manner (at the end of snack time or at the end of a meal when I am full) I should find it much easier to say no to the cheap chocolate and control the amount of chocolate I actually do eat.  Given a choice I'd much rather eat quality chocolate and I'm setting myself up to do that in a controlled environment, rather than have it happen as an impulse when I'm much more likely to overeat this particular food.
  • By planning to eat my chocolate at the end of a snack or meal (when I'm full) I can:
    • reduce the quantity of chocolate I eat and still be satisfied.
    • eat it slowly and mindfully because it's planned,
    • eat it with enjoyment and without guilt because I'm in control.  [Not some impulse or emotion that I can't control and wish I could have controlled in hindsight].

I can see now the unexpected encounter with the work eggs and deciding to have one was definitely an impulse.  An impulsive, childlike desire - in effect I was reliving memories from childhood - in effect to be a child for a moment in time.  

As an adult, I didn't particularly want to eat the sort of chocolate egg it was (cheap and nasty) and I didn't particularly enjoy it either (the first bite was the only worthwhile bite).  It wasn't what I wanted it to be (quality chocolate) and it didn't help me - either in making me feel good [felt frustration and anger towards myself afterwards] or towards achieving my health and fitness goals.  

I think now I've thought this through, I have a much better thought process and strategy for when I encounter the eggs at work again tomorrow night.

I will need to think about buying a single serve of quality chocolate and stash it in the downstairs fridge for this purpose so I know it's there if I do decide to schedule in chocolate at any stage. Although as I think about this some more, I think that I may leave off the buying of chocolate and just say to myself that I can schedule chocolate in at the next available planned eating opportunity where I have enough time to buy it from the shops.  I don't really feel like chocolate now and I don't NEED to have some in the fridge either when I really think about it.  I can always go and buy some if I really want to schedule some in at any stage.

5 Mar 2016

The next 12WBT Round - Commitments

So I decided to join the March 2016 round of 12WBT.  It's time to SAY IT OUT LOUD!

My commitment to myself is to practice self-love by:

  1. eating for nutritional enjoyment
  2. work at feeling emotions - letting those emotions roll through rather than masking them with food
  3. getting enough sleep
  4. keeping a food diary to assist with reaching goals and reducing unhelpful self-talk
  5. continuing to enjoy a variety of gym exercise
  6. walking/hiking as much as I like
  7. flexibility - yoga / stretch class (and using this as "time out" too!)
  8. in advance meal planning and shopping

I am committed to this way of living.